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The Business Savvy Artist is an Affiliate

So what is Affiliate Marketing?

How can I use it as a source of revenue for my art business?

Watch the video below and click on the infograhpic to review.  Don’t hesitate to leave questions and comments below (right below share this and social links).

I’m here to help.

Four software and affiliate companies mentioned in the video above.  Infusionsoft (CRM tool-customer relationship management), Commission Junction, Avant Link & Clickbank.

*minor error note-I mentioned Commission Junkie-(Commission Junction) not to be confused with e Junkie which helps you sell digital products online.

Want a personalized affiliate marketing strategy for your specific business?  Set up your Passion + Business Savvy Coaching today.  (Under Design & Build your Business Online)


The Business Savvy Artist

Serving up Revenue Streams.  May I take your order please?

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The Artist Mix Up

Get ready Artists to Shake. It. Up.

Create a recipe tailored to make your business fit in with the lifestyle you are passionate about living.  Which cocktail are you?  Tailor your recipe here.

Artist Mixup Cocktail

Picture made on

Have you sat down and really mapped out what shape you want your business to take by the end of this year? Next year or even 5 years from now?

Think big picture for me right now—no holding back— and then we can work backwards and find out what doses of each we need in order to make that dream your reality.  No dream is too big so draw it up.  Let it out there and don’t play small.

Also, don’t forget to ask yourself what will sustain my energy for the long haul?  Really get in there and connect to how you want to feel and connect with that vision.  If the feeling and the vision are not resonating.  Scratch that vision and kick it to the curb. Be in tune with why you want what you want.  This isn’t the time to be selfish either so think how can I touch more lives and really get out their with my work.

Your thoughts focused outward have a universal pull that will amplify your magnetism.  

I’m not discounting financial goals.  We all want to make more and have personal goals but just keep in mind and forefront what specific opportunities the money will bring. Maybe you will be able to start your own art school or write and publish a book, open your gallery, donate a lump sum to a specific cause, build a home that is your personal sanctuary so you can create and give even more.

Whatever your vision may be, put it to paper, make a vision board of it and paste it somewhere you see it everyday.  Do whatever you need to do to keep taking steps towards what you want in your life right now.

Enjoy the journey because as soon as you shift and say– my future is now –then you’ll realize you’re already living it.  :)

Make. It. Happen.


Dream Quote



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An Artist Story, Visually Told…

You guessed it…Online

So now that we know who we are marketing to it will be comprehensive to tell your story visually through infographics to entertain, engage and dream up a beautiful story that someone will want to buy again and again.  Also, remember to respect the platform you are using by posting appropriate content.

I’ll give a brief description below summing up how to use each platform while targeting your specific audience.

Instagram Logo 150x150

Instagram-Tell your story and message through beautiful pictures and hashtags to gain maximum exposure off of your artsy content and to gain more followers.  Keep it young, fresh and hip.

Facebook-Entertain, Entertain, Entertain.  Be brief with text and hashtags.  Talk directly to your audience, fans and followers.  Don’t always make it about you.  Use the ol’ Dale Carnegie approach and get em’ talking and engaging in the content you’re putting out there.  Be generous and share what you are reading, studying and learning.  It will benefit and include your audience which will in turn benefit you.  Listen in to what your audience is responding to and put that on your radar as a pitch you can use later on.

Vine-6 seconds, have fun and pitch it.  This is where you get creative and rules go out the window.  (For now)  Experiment and play with stunts here and see what happens by doing spin offs, mini commercials and playing with different concepts around your artwork and products.

Pinterest-Put dreamy content on Pinterest. Make it simple for pinners to repin by using titles that make sense for your audience to pin to their boards . Make your content on pinterest yummy.  What I mean by yummy is clean, clear and ad worthy (in a magazine) yummy.  Check your links. Make sure all links are clicking through to appropriate products.

“Unless you sell a product that no woman in a million years would want for herself or any person in her life—and that’s a pretty limited list of products—or your legal department is dragging its feet,* you’re a dope if your brand is not on Pinterest. ” -Gary Vaynerchuk

80% of the Top 15 Categories on Pinterest are linked to commerce-Fast Company

Via Melanie Duncan

Via Melanie Duncan

Youtube-Try making mini movies of your work.  Imagine if your art piece was a movie.  What story would it tell?  This doesn’t have to be longer than 5 minutes but do something different here too.  Insert clips and shoot different angles of you as if you’re interviewing how you came up with the piece or have someone else do that portion for you where they ask you specific questions about the piece, the energy behind it, what the source of inspiration was etc..

Obviously if you teach Art then Youtube will be great for you to run class series and tutorial style videos by walking online students through different projects and techniques.  You could maybe even ponder concepts out loud, videotape and get your audience involved in collaborating efforts for an upcoming piece.

Now on to Infamous—InfoGraphics

Here’s the great part about info graphics.  You’re an Artist.  So you already have usable images.  Now take high quality images of your work and you can pop it into one of the two apps below to make your info graphics.

Infographics can be used as a tool on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.  Just remember some of the rules above and get creative with it.  You can make checklists, tutorials and use teaser texts to lead people into a specific part of your website to purchase your work and your products or leading up to an event, art showing and much much more.

PictochartPicktochart (FREE)—There are pro versions of the online applications if you want to get fancy but to start with Pictochart offers a lot of great templates to get your online graphics going. (FREE)—Limited templates so this may be a personal preference on which application you choose to use.

picmonkey logoPicmonkey (FREE)—Fantastic for writing quotes (adding text) over your pictures, creating collages,


Infographics are the gateway to PURCHASE your product.  Its the pretty shiny thing that gets your buyer hooked. 

So with all of that said if you do not have a paypal button on your site and/or a website with a shopping cart feature (this should be priority before all of this pretty pinning and posting). 

If you want an easy way to revamp and setup a commerce site for your artwork and reprints than shopify is your man the man  your app for setting up your e-commerce site.  You can also manage your inventory with shopify, purchase beautiful themes, work your SEO and again much much more.  Head over and snoop around and see what you think.

If it overwhelms you and you’re not up to setting this up yourself (although it is extremely user friendly not to mention affordable) I can help you with that here.

Yours Truly in Taking your Art Business, Online


BAM! Best watch out cuz Ima Coming with my right hook soon!

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Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (click on the right hook action shot above :))))

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Don’t Rely on Chance

Don’t rely on fate and chance that your buyer will knock on your door.

Go out there and get em’.  Be proactive and create opportunities for yourself where you just so happen to be strategically planned to be where your buyers are.

Luck is preparation meeting the moment of opportunity.  There is no luck without you being prepared to handle that moment of opportunity.  Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for the moment that is to come -Oprah

Successful Artists are proactive in their approach even if they don’t know every little step they should or need to take-they just keep taking steps.

It may seem blurry at first but keep digging in and this strategic planning will prepare you for your buyer to walk directly towards you.

Keep your end vision in mind. Visualize your buyer on the other side, visualize selling that specific pice to that specific buyer.  You were able to see that buyer before, during and after you even created this specific piece.

Now I know as a creative there is a balance with all of this detail because part of your creation is intuitive, free flowing and transformative even BUT that is the key?  Who NEEDS this piece?  Who can this piece inspire and why can’t they live with out it.  What story is it telling and how are you two so intuitively connected?

Too deep??  I strongly believe that Art connects us unlike any other thing on the planet.  It is non  verbal and expresses every spectrum of emotion.  Little trails of your heart and soul are left in each piece in which in turns speaks to another.  Art symbolizes interconnectedness whether is expresses happiness, sorrow, frustration, break throughs, enlightenment, inspiration, movement etc…

What is your mission with your art?  What are you stamping and imprinting into the world with it?  Keep that forefront in your mind and you won’t help but sell again and again.  Why?  Because you are moving, you’re alive and so is your work.  Your work is an extension of you and continues to vibrate long after you have created it.

Ok.  So the pep talk is over-let’s dive straight into what does my buyer look like?  Why do they want my art?  Who else might I collaborate with and help along the way to increase exposure of my art business?

Mind Mapping is a great tool for visuals + creatives.  Get Specific!  This is where I ask who your buyer is and you answer- “An Art Collector”.  Now, take it 10 questions deeper.

What to include in your map. Click on the maps for an idea of what specific questions to ask about your business and your art collector.

Your Art BusinessYour Art Collector


Answer these questions with who bought your last 5 pieces.  This will help you to know who you are painting for, marketing to and inspiring.  Create your own mind map with Simple Mind App (FREE) which you can download on iTunes.

Happy Mapping Creatives!  Let me know if you have any questions by leaving comments below.  Once you have this in place will be able to work with your visual story and how to create your story through info graphics by using your own artwork and posting to Pinterest , Facebook, Instagram etc…

See you tomorrow.

Yours Truly in Taking your Art Business Online,


Just a little doodle that you should do if you’re the pen to paper type ; )

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Engaging a Specific Audience, Online

So, you may be seeing a recurring theme here?..  Maybe something to do with You + Your Art Business + Revenue + Online= Happy, Healthy & Abundant You.

I’m here to help so let’s get started.  Watch this video and let me know if you have any questions.  Also, please subscribe to my Youtube channel as there will be more juicy content coming soon.  Leave comments and start discussions and step out and share with other Artists who you think would benefit from these topics.


Notes & Recap:

Top 5 Tools to Engage Your Audience, Online

1. Youtube LogoYouTube-I use my iPhone or macbook to record videos.  You can get fancy too if you like and use and HD camera.  But your phone works great for a quick record and upload if you’re just getting started.

2. Evernote Logo Voice Recording-I just recently used Evernote App to voice record a note and then was able to convert and drop the recording into iMovie.  If you don’t have a Mac, let me know and I will find a tool just for you.

3.Instagram Logo Instagram-Visually tell your story through photographs.  It lets your buyers and consumers know what you’ve been up to and it makes them feel like an insider to what’s inspiring your work.

4. Pinterest 150x150Pinterest-Free Marketing-Free Affiliate Marketing.  You pin and others repin. It’s that simple.  Setup your Business account and create organic content with my Pin it Package.

5. Vine LogoVine-create your 6 second pitch.  You can do it.  Use it as a fun way to get your artwork out there.  You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can actually sum up the concept of your work in just 6 seconds!

Let’s get it going guys!  The time is now so get out there and shine.  I know you can do it.  I’m here to collaborate or offer suggestions and advice along the way so feel free to reach out to me anytime.  I am here to help!

Yours Truly in Taking Your Art Business Online,


ps.  Don’t forget to have fun while you’re doing it all.  Smile & Don’t take yourself too seriously and you’ll be a magnet not to mention contagious.  <3

Enter Stage Left (The Cheese Factory)

4-up on 1-14-14 at 12.15 PM #5 (compiled)




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Draw buyers in like a magnet

How to craft a compelling story to draw buyers in like a magnet.


Shadows Fall by Anthony Baxton Fine Art

Shadows Fall by Anthony Baxton Fine Art


We remember better when there’s a story so tell a story people can’t forget.  

The sometimes dreaded question for creatives, multipassionates and introverts.

So who are you and what do you do?

• Let your passion and pride shine through your pores and onto the screen. Don’t underplay the excitement for what you do.  Be open and willing to talk about your work even if you think people won’t understand it.

• Inspire. Get connected. Visualize. Involve your reader by asking a question then take them through what its like for you to paint. Walk your reader through the experience of what creating is like for you.

For example: Lets say you are a scenery painter.  Lead in with a question like this.

Do you ever feel overjoyed by how the sun rises and emits such beautiful colors throughout the horizon? Then Answer–  I sit in awe and breathe it in.  It allows me to just be, in the moment, to be able to capture that moment and emulate it on canvas as if that canvas is a time capsule.  Freezing this very moment, this scene, forever…

This is where I fell in love because I can continue to create that moment and share it with others over and over again.  I not only have the opportunity to inspire a person but I can inspire an entire space.

• Be Transparent and talk about your evolution as an Artist.  Talk about how you got started.  What certain events led your passion and purpose to you.

• Make you mark.  Define yourself and what it is you stand to create.  What’s the one thing you want people to walk away knowing about you and your work?

• Lastly, Conclude with the end in mind.  What is it you want from consumers?  You want them to purchase your work right or at least talk about it and tell other people about it?  So ask them to.

Other key tips to remember:

 Keep it simple and brief but create a visual experience with your words.

Don’t be afraid to include facts about yourself if it pertinent to connecting to your buyer.

Knowing who you are selling to, painting for and telling your story to will help you to tailor a captivating story for your audience.  We’ll talk more about who your audience is in tomorrows post.

Engage  a specific Audience Online and Attract more Buyers. 

Subscribe here for Make Art your Business, Online and receive your Free Compelling Artist Story Example.

Live Passionately.  Increase Revenue.  Take your Business Online.


Jade Spencer


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Sneak Preview to this Week’s Posts

Hey Guys, Here’s a sneak peek to this week’s posts right here on Culture Infused.  Stay tuned by liking us on Facebook and subscribe to Make Art you Business, Online OR you can Subscribe to Culture Infused to the right of this screen.

There is a lot of juicy content coming and I can’t wait for you to apply these steps and take more of your art business, online.

As always, don’t hesitate to ask questions and let me know of any frustrations you are currently having with taking your Art online.  I will be covering many more topics in the following weeks.

Live Passionately.  Increase Revenue.  Take your business online.


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Set Sail

Flashback to 2012.  May there be another sail in 2014?  Stay tuned…

Here’s a couple shots from when I sailed the Windward Islands for three weeks.


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Why you want what you want

Goal Setting for 2014.

Why you Want what you want

Radiance by Robin Emmerich

Radiance by Robin Emmerich

Grab Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte to Rock out the New Year.

Be mindful of your thoughts and projections with Gabrielle Bernstein.

On the hunt for your soul purpose?…Dive into a session with Robin Emmerich and unleash your drive.

Listen Here for insight into goal setting.


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